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Those aspiring to the emotional roller-coaster thrills of Chicken Little, I recommend you dive into the pool of alarm over at The Green Prophet, a site riddled with visions, advice on eco-friendly shopping, eco-recipes, news about fashion contests ,and skin-blistering, brain-pickling horror stories.  Among the latter is this one , which provides serious competition to the grisliest scare-passage from your favorite Stephen King novel:

In some places, 2010 was the hottest year on record. Saudi Arabia – with its enormous swath of desert – was particularly hard hit, while Egypt stewed during a series of blackouts amidst heat that singed skin and pickled brains. The discomfort of those painful summer months may have dissipated as temperatures begin to dip, but prepare yourself: in the next few decades, particularly around the Mediterranean, our skin and brains could shrivel to nothing under heat and drought that our planet may never have experienced before.

So, that bastion of high-tech energy delivery — Egypt — had some blackouts in the summer.  It must have been horrid for those saps in California. 

And it got hot in the Saudi desert??? 

For crying out loud, why aren’t they touting the temperatures in Death Valley?  Or in the burg of my birth —Needles, California —where the summertime termperatures today are pretty much what I grew up with for the first 12 years of my life (check out the daily averages and record highs here ).  I used to work on the railroad in Needles during the summer when I was in university, and temperatures on the train platform at 3:00 PM were usually over 140 degrees.  All that concrete, basalt, creosoted wood ties, and steel rail are fantastic heatsinks, dontcha know. 

I guess my skin was really singed and my brains really pickled!


Posted October 22, 2010 by Fr. Bill in Sic Semper Mundis

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