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Sometimes it is hard to describe the Anglican Church. For example, consider the terms “catholic” and “reformed.” Most people think that if you’re Catholic you are not reformed (at least in the Protestant sense of that word), and they are correct. But, Anglicans are both catholic and reformed (did you notice the difference in capitalization of the term “catholic?”).

Or, consider the terms “liturgical” and “charismatic.” In most people’s minds, these characteristics do not go together at all. Yet, Anglicans are both liturgical and charismatic. Or, how about “sacramental” and “evangelical?” Yes, Anglican Christians are both sacramental and evangelical!

How can this be? Are Anglicans simply confused?

Well, certainly Anglicans can be just as confused as anyone else. But, that doesn’t explain why Anglicans can truthfully say that they are catholic and reformed, liturgical and charismatic, sacramental and evangelical. These terms are not mutually exclusive, and all of them accurately describe something true about Anglican Christians. To get a better idea what this means, click on each of the terms below.

As Anglican Christians we are …


Posted September 23, 2010 by Fr. Bill

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