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By “catholic” we mean that we stand in the Great Tradition of Christians who confess the faith once delivered to the saints, which is found in the Bible, in the ecumenical creeds, and in the faith and practice of Christians for two millennia. We do not capitalize the word “catholic” to avoid confusion with the Roman Catholic Church, which we believe is not catholic insofar as she has generated and promoted novel doctrines not found in the Bible and not confessed by Christians and Christian teachers over the centuries.

We are also catholic in the way our churches are organized. With all other catholic churches, our leadership is vested in deacons, priests (also known as elders or presbyters), and bishops (also known as overseers). These offices in the Church comply with Apostolic directives in the New Testament and with the earliest and abiding practice of Christ’s Church. Because Jesus and the Apostles so direct in the New Testament, these church leadership responsibilities are laid solely upon the shoulders of godly men, chosen in accordance with the qualifications laid down in the New Testament. Their responsibility to Christ for His Church is conferred on them by previous bishops all the way back to the Apostles themselves.


Posted September 23, 2010 by Fr. Bill

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