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By “charismatic” we mean that God is active among our fellowship through the ministry of His Holy Spirit, as Jesus promised He would be. The Holy Spirit comforts, teaches, and guides the Church into all truth, and His ministry may be most clearly seen in the “mere Christianity” that is professed by all true Christians over the centuries, no matter what their denomination or ecclesiastical communion.

The Holy Spirit imparts special gifts (charismata) to Christians for the building up of the church and for the work of the ministry. Some of these charismata were important for the founding of the Church and are no longer commonly given. On the other hand, many of the charismata are always needed for the ongoing work of evangelism and discipleship until the Lord returns. It is part of the Church’s task to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

The most common work of God’s Spirit among us occurs during our worship. The Holy Spirit works among us when we read and preach of God’s Word (which, of course, came into being by God’s Spirit). The Holy Spirit is also active in imparting the grace bestowed on Christians through the regular administration of the sacraments, especially in baptism, confirmation, and the Eucharist (or, the Lord’s Table). Finally, the Holy Spirit is active among us in the spiritual service of worship we offer to God the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, in the power of His Spirit.


Posted September 23, 2010 by Fr. Bill

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