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By “reformed” we refer to the Protestant Reformation, begun and led in Continental Europe by Martin Luther and John Calvin and carried forward in England by men such as Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. The Reformation was successful in challenging superstitions and corruptions which had attached to the Christian faith over the preceding 1,500 years. Protestants generally succeeded in removing many of these flaws, and the resulting communities of Christians were, therefore, reformed.

Unfortunately, many disciples of the original reformers “threw the baby out with the bathwater,” producing reformed versions of the Christian faith with regrettable amputations of Christian piety, faith, and worship. For example, some branches of the Reformation rejected the sacramental understanding of Christian spirituality (see “ … a sacramental Church” on the “About” page). The English Reformation, however, did not follow the Continental reformers who not only corrected errors that had crept into the faith, but also subtracted from the faith many good things that were always Biblical, catholic, and wholesome. We believe that in England the Reformation produced an authentically reformed catholic faith.

Anglicans see their faith as the “via media” – correcting the errors that had accumulated in the preceding 1,500 years; and, avoiding the radical amputations of faith and worship found among so many heirs of the Continental Reformation.


Posted September 23, 2010 by Fr. Bill

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