First Pictures of Baby Joseph!   10 comments

Joseph Rudnik was born to Ian and Audra Rudnik at 1:25 PM, in Dallas, Texas at St. Paul’s Hospital.  He weighed in at 6 pounds 15.2 ounces.  He sported blue eyes, curly hair, and looked for all the world like a week-old baby boy, rather than one who was only seven hours old when the photographs below were snapped.

Joseph was sound asleep in his crib in his mother’s room when Fr. Bill and Auntie Barbara arrived to pay their respects.

Audra had spent the previous evening at St. Paul Hospital, after a day of labor which had produced limited results.  But, on Day 2 of labor, things moved right along.  Like any athlete, she enjoys replenishing her fluids after fruitful laboring.

Proud Papa Rudnik and Auntie Barbara appear never to have seen a baby before.  Of course, this one is fairly new as babies go.  For now, anyway.

Audra graciously grants permission for Auntie Barbara to lift Joseph from his crib.

Joseph’s first instinct when picked up is to say “Where’s dinner?” 

“Hmmmm.  Dinner must be somewhere else.”

Though he appears perfecty calm, Joseph is actually pondering which strategem to use in order to locate dinner.  Patience?  Lusty bellows?  So many choices!  So little experience to help one decide!

Having opted for patience, Baby Joseph is rewarded with a sight so bewildering that he simply must close his eyes to lessen the shock.

“One glance was enough for me!” Joseph quietly refuses to open his eyes after that last vista of bristly whiteness. 

Safely back in familiar hands (well, as familiar as seven hours will allow), Joseph drifts off to sleep and to dream whatever it is that babies dream.

Almighty God, who knits our bodies together in the secrecy of the womb, thank you for bringing forth Joseph, first-born to Ian and Audra, first-born within St. Athanasius Parish.  Thank you for his life, all of his days which are written in Your book before there was even one of them. Mercifully grant that Joseph may advance the kingdom of Your Son as did his godly namesakes in Your Word, that he may see that kingdom spread over all the earth, and himself crowned with the glory of your faithful servants.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with You and the Holy Ghost, reigns in the highest heaven world without end.  Amen.


Posted November 24, 2010 by Fr. Bill

10 responses to “First Pictures of Baby Joseph!

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  1. Many thanks, Fr. Bill, for posting these pix. Joseph is a handsome little boy. We look forward to meeting him very soon!

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

  2. Thank you so much, Fr. Bill, for these beautiful pictures. We have been looking forward to meeting Joseph. He is so precious in our eyes; such a wonderful gift from God!

  3. Yes, thanks so much for the pictures. Little Joseph looks like Ian already!! Such a wonderful Thanksgiving for them.
    So happy everything went so well. Hope to see all of you soon.

  4. Congratulations! How exciting to see these beautiful pictures—loved the story line that went along with them!
    We in West Michigan praise God for Joseph’s safe arrival–and His care for Audra—and Ian, too!
    Thank you for posting these pictures!!

  5. Fr Bill, love your comments on all the photo’s! And baby Joseph is a very handsome, very young, young man. What a wonderful addition he is to our church family. Thanks for posting!


  6. Thank you Fr. Bill for posting these great pictures of my nephew, niece, and great-nephew! Great Aunt Nancy in Michigan

  7. All blessings to the new arrival (and congrats to the parents). We will remember them this week at our Eucharist. That’s the way to grow a parish…one soul at a time.

    Fr. Nolan Garrett, FOHS
  8. Amen! Praising God for His goodness! Great pictures.

  9. Thank you for posting these photos so promptly Fr. Bill. Love the narrative.

  10. Came here from Stand Firm. What an adorable little guy! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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